Ilaria Fortunati

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Microfluidic, the technology that manipulates small amount of fluids in microscale complex devices, has undergone a remarkable development during the last decade, by targeting a significant range of applications, including biological tests and single-cell analysis, and by displaying many advantages such as reduced reagent consumption, decreased costs and(More)
Advanced age alone appears to be a risk factor for increased susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmias. We previously observed in the aged rat heart that sinus rhythm ventricular activation is delayed and characterized by abnormal epicardial patterns although conduction velocity is normal. While these findings relate to an advanced stage of aging, it is not yet(More)
Semiconductor nanocrystals are rapidly spreading into the display and lighting markets. Compared with liquid crystal and organic LED displays, nanocrystalline quantum dots (QDs) provide highly saturated colors, wide color gamut, resolution, rapid response time, optical efficiency, durability and low cost. This remarkable progress has been made possible by(More)
The possibility to exploit a bottom-up approach to design and synthesize multichromophoric structures from a single molecular unit is strategic for the targeted synthesis of molecular compounds with well defined linear and nonlinear absorption properties. In this view, it is important to be able to predict the properties of multichromophoric units, based on(More)
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