Ilaria Foroni

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Rational expectations models have increasingly been replaced by models with various forms of learning. This paper studies the global dynamics of a model of renewable resource markets due to Hommes and Rosser [Macroecon. Dyn. 5 (2001) 180] under adaptive and statistical learning systems. The statistical learning system is seen to generate greater complexity(More)
C. Acedo C. Acosta Y. Aghaei M. Ainouche K. Aitzetmüller H. Akan D. Albach R. G. Albaladejo S. Alcantara M. Alford S. Aliyoun A. Alkhulaidi A. Almeida R. Almeida da Silva F. Amorim A. Anandan M. Angel M. Appelhans M. Aradhya K. Araki M. Arbo F. Archila S. Arndt J. Arroyo F. Attar X. Aubriot D. Austin P. Baas E. Bağcı N. Bainsala W. Baker F. S. Baloch C.(More)
The present work describes a family of polynomial noninvertible maps of the plane shared within two open regions: (i) (denoted by Z0) each point having no real preimage, and (ii) (denoted by Z2) each point having two real preimages. The regions Z0, Z2 are separated by the critical curve LC, locus of points having two coincident preimages. Z2 is made up of(More)
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