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Transitions in social democracy: cultural and ideological problems of the golden age
Introduction - John Callaghan and Ilaria Favretto ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOCIAL DEMOCRACY: AN OVERVIEW 1. Socialism in the twentieth century: a historical reflection - Donald Sassoon 2. A case of lostExpand
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The Long Search for a Third Way
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Which Socialism, Whose Détente? West European Communism and the Czechoslovak crisis of 1968
show that fascism had not succeed in engendering traditional gender roles in these young women, conversely, only a few wanted a large family while the others intended pursuing a career, is that ‘itExpand
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New left, new pasts?
‘Wilsonism’ reconsidered: Labour party revisionism 1952–64
The focus of this article is on Labour's revisionism in the years 1952–1964; its scope is a reassessment of the intellectual debate preceding the Wilson years and of some consolidated assumptions onExpand
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