Ilaria Cianci

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A “Smart City” is intended as an urban environment which, supported by pervasive ICT systems, is able to offer advanced and innovative services to citizens in order to improve the overall quality of their life. In this context, the present contribution formulates a pioneering proposal, by drawing an advanced information centric platform for supporting the(More)
In recent years the new vision of data-centric networks has emerged as a natural way to satisfy user needs in the Future Internet. It is based on novel architectures oriented towards data sharing and delivering as opposite to classic host-to-host communications. Among several proposals, Content Centric Networking has been conceived as a very promising(More)
The information centric paradigm assumes that the <i>Future Internet</i> will be built around contents rather than host locations. In this direction, the promising Content Centric Networking (CCN) architecture has been conceived to solve the problems of the today Internet by means of a novel way for distributing contents (based on their names) and by(More)
Information-centric networking (ICN) leverages content demand redundancy and proposes in-network caching to reduce network and servers load and to improve quality of experience. In this paper, we study the interaction between in-network caching of ICN and Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease (AIMD) end-to-end congestion control with a focus on how(More)
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