Ilaria Cappelloni

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In this paper biomechanical interaction between osseointegrated dental implants and bone is numerically investigated through 3D linearly elastic finite-element analyses, when static functional loads occur. Influence of some mechanical and geometrical parameters on bone stress distribution is highlighted and risk indicators relevant to critical overloading(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Load transfer mechanisms and possible failure of osseointegrated implants are affected by implant shape, geometrical and mechanical properties of the site of placement, as well as crestal bone resorption. Suitable estimation of such effects allows for correct design of implant features. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to analyze(More)
This work describes the anelastic and dynamic Young modulus behaviour of human dentin from room temperature up to 673 K. Human molars, extracted from individuals (males 55-70 years old) as part of their dental treatment, were cut to obtain bar-shaped samples subsequently used for mechanical spectroscopy experiments. In addition, thermo-gravimetric analysis(More)
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