Ilaria Ballarini

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Directive 2010/31/EU establishes that Member States must ensure that minimum energy performance requirements for buildings are set with a view to achieve cost-optimal levels. The paper presents a methodology for identifying the cost-optimal levels for the Italian residential building stock, following the Guidelines accompanying the Commission Delegated(More)
Methods to design of formal ontologies have been in focus of research since the early nineties when their importance and conceivable practical application in engineering sciences had been understood. However, often significant customization of generic methodologies is required when they are applied in tangible scenarios. In this paper, we present a(More)
The Italian Ministerial Decree 26/06/2015 specifies the requirements of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEBs) and demands that the energy performance of the new building is compared with that of a reference or target building, which has the same location, function, size, but reference insulation level and technical systems efficiencies. The research aims(More)
The refurbishment of the existing building stocks represents a great potential for energy savings. To make the refurbishment effective, proper modeling of the current energy performance is needed. In most European countries, few and low quality data on the energy performance and on the refurbishment of building stocks are revealed, which increases the risk(More)
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