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The healthcare services cost are constantly increasing during the last 20 years. This trend has two origins: on one hand the people resort to drugs and healthcare services more often than in the past because more medical treatment are known; on the other hand, this evolution was not supported by an intelligent growth and design of healthcare structure and(More)
Multi-agent modeling is widely used in collaborative networks for the ability to represent complexity derived from interrelationship. Nevertheless we noticed in the literature a lack of guidelines in formal modeling. In this paper we analyze a reference model to develop multi – agent models able to be applied to a variety of fields. The presented method(More)
The cost of services provided by public and private healthcare systems is nowadays becoming critical. This work tackles the criticalities of hospital equipments and drugs management by emphasizing its implications on the whole healthcare system efficiency. The work presents a multi-agent based model for decisional cooperation in order to address the problem(More)
The authors propose a Multi Attributes approach to meet the demand of personalized tourist tours into cultural cities. Respecting to others works present into the literature, in this paper the decisional process includes two phases and a high number of variables that don't increase the complexity of the problem. A real application in an Italian city,(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have made this thesis possible. iii "E' meno male l'agitarsi nel dubbio che il riposar nell'errore" It's better to fret in doubt than to rest in error Alessandro Manzoni "Io mi dico è stato meglio lasciarci che non esserci mai incontrati." ABSTRACT During the last years the decision making(More)
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