Ilaria Andreoli

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Rickettsia-like organisms (RLO) are obligate, often highly fastidious, intracellular bacterial parasites associated with a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. Despite their importance as causative agents of severe mortality outbreaks in farmed aquatic species, little is known about their life cycle and their host range. The present work reports(More)
Although many papers dealing with the description of new ciliate taxa are published each year, species taxonomy and identification in most groups of the phylum Ciliophora remain confused. This is largely due to a scarcity of surveys on the systematics of immediately higher levels (genera and families) providing data for old and new species together.(More)
SWI/SNF-related complexes include proteins implicated in the regulation of gene expression by chromatin remodelling. We have identified in planarians, invertebrates well-known for their regenerative capability,the cDNA of a novel gene, DjXnp, which encodes a protein of 1,076 amino acids, containing seven helicase domains similar to those found in the(More)
In the present paper we redescribe the ciliate Chattonidium setense Villeneuve 1937 combining morphological observations (live, stained, scanning, and transmission electron microscope) with behavioral notes and molecular data. Ultrastructural analysis revealed remarkable similarities between Chattonidium and representative members of the class Heterotrichea(More)
Ciliates of the family Sonderiidae are common members of the eukaryotic communities in various anoxic environments. They host both ecto- and endosymbiotic prokaryotes (the latter associated with hydrogenosomes) and possess peculiar morpho-ultrastructural features, whose functions and homologies are not known. Their phylogenetic relationships with other(More)
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