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Mobile phone services based on the location of a user have increased in popularity and importance, particularly with the proliferation of feature-rich smartphones. One major obstacle to the widespread use of location-based services is the limited battery life of these mobile devices and the high power costs of many existing approaches. We demonstrate the(More)
Metrics like disk activity and network traffic are widespread sources of diagnosis and monitoring information in datacenters and networks. However, as the scale of these systems increases, examining the raw data yields diminishing insight. We present RainMon, a novel end-to-end approach for mining timeseries monitoring data designed to handle its size and(More)
Distributed systems are complex to develop and administer, and performance problem diagnosis is particularly challenging. When performance degrades, the problem might be in any of the system's many components or could be a result of poor interactions among them. Recent research efforts have created tools that automatically localize the problem to a small(More)
As JavaScript has risen to dominance as the language of the Web, popular web browsers have responded by introducing a variety of compilers designed to optimize JavaScript speed. Public one-upmanship has played out between these browsers on the basis of performance on a few benchmarks. Surprisingly, how well JavaScript compilers fare on real-world web(More)
  • Michael Maass, Jonathan Aldrich, William L Scherlis, Lujo Bauer, Bruno Amizic, Michael Mccord +23 others
  • 2016
It is essentially impossible to build modern software without extensive supply chains. Supply chains decrease development risk, but typically at the cost of increased security risk. In particular, it is often difficult to understand or verify what a software component delivered by a third party does or could do. Such a component could contain unwanted(More)
Workflow-centric tracing captures the workflow of causally-related events (e.g., work done to process a request) within and among the components of a distributed system. As distributed systems grow in scale and complexity, such tracing is becoming a critical tool for understanding distributed system behavior. Yet, there is a fundamental lack of clarity(More)
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