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Cloud computing represents a shift away from computing as a product that is purchased, to computing as a service that is delivered to consumers over the internet from large-scale data centers – or 'clouds'. This paper discusses some of the research challenges for cloud computing from an enterprise or organizational perspective, and puts them in context by(More)
Brain metastases from colorectal carcinomas are very uncommon and are almost uniformly seen in the setting of advanced, systemic disease. We describe a unique case of multiple, isolated brain metastases occurring from a Duke's B carcinoma of the sigmoid colon. Careful staging at two intervals at which clinical brain metastases were found did not disclose(More)
Modern large-scale date centres, such as those used for cloud computing service provision, are becoming ever-larger as the operators of those data centres seek to maximise the benefits from economies of scale. With these increases in size comes a growth in system complexity, which is usually problematic. There is an increased desire for automated(More)
We report on experiments exploring the interplay between the topol-ogy of the complex network of dependent components in a large-scale data-centre, and the robustness and scaling properties of that data-centre. In a previous paper [1] we used the SPECI large-scale data-centre simulator [2] to compare the robustness and scaling characteristics of(More)
Network security is a concept which combines various business models and technologies together to deliver provisions and policies for comprehensive intrusion detection and unauthorized access. The only secured computer is the one with no power and no user. Any other computer can be compromised. Network Security is the most important issue for any(More)