Ilango Sriram

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Cloud computing represents a shift away from computing as a product that is purchased, to computing as a service that is delivered to consumers over the internet from large-scale data centers – or 'clouds'. This paper discusses some of the research challenges for cloud computing from an enterprise or organizational perspective, and puts them in context by(More)
— Modern large-scale date centres, such as those used for cloud computing service provision, are becoming ever-larger as the operators of those data centres seek to maximise the benefits from economies of scale. With these increases in size comes a growth in system complexity, which is usually problematic. There is an increased desire for automated(More)
We report on experiments exploring the interplay between the topol-ogy of the complex network of dependent components in a large-scale data-centre, and the robustness and scaling properties of that data-centre. In a previous paper [1] we used the SPECI large-scale data-centre simulator [2] to compare the robustness and scaling characteristics of(More)
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