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Effectiveness of rotavirus vaccines for prevention of rotavirus gastroenteritis-associated hospitalizations in Israel: A case-control study
The association between rotavirus gastroenteritis (RVGE)-associated hospitalization and rotavirus vaccine receipt was examined, and vaccine effectiveness was estimated in a case-control studyExpand
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Incidence, characteristics, and economic burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis associated with hospitalization of israeli children <5 years of age, 2007-2008.
BACKGROUND Limited data exist on the epidemiology and burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis in Israel. Objectives. Our objective was to examine the incidence, characteristics, and economic burden ofExpand
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Incidence and Characteristics of Sporadic Norovirus Gastroenteritis Associated with Hospitalization of Children Less Than 5 Years of Age in Israel
The incidence of sporadic GII norovirus gastroenteritis associated with hospitalization was examined among 515 children aged <5 years in a prospective study in Israel. Using real-time polymeraseExpand
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Assimilation of the Patient Rights Law and Code of Ethics into Israeli Physical Therapy Services
The ethical conduct of physical therapists is usually based on intuition rather than on theoretical knowledge. This study aimed to examine to what degree rules of ethics anchored in the PatientExpand