Ilana Taustein

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Myelination is a complex, developmentally regulated process whereby myelin proteins and lipids are coordinately expressed by myelinating glial cells. Homozygosity mapping in nine patients with childhood onset spasticity, dystonia, cognitive dysfunction, and periventricular white matter disease revealed inactivating mutations in the FA2H gene. FA2H encodes(More)
The objective of the present study was to analyze the diagnostic indications that most often prompt the referral of children and adolescents in the outpatient clinical pediatric practice for electroencephalographic evaluation and to check its utility in these clinical conditions. The electroencephalographic records of 547 consecutive children and(More)
A double-blind trial with cartilage and bone-marrow extract (Rumalon A) and placebo (Rumalon B) was carried out on 106 patients with degenerative bilateral gonarthrosis. Favorable results were obtained in 64% of the patients treated with Rumalon A and in only 29% of the placebo group. This difference is statistically significant (p < 0.05). The slight(More)
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