Ilana Stonebraker

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A team of librarians in the Parrish Library for Management and Economics at Purdue University transformed a business information literacy course from a traditional lecture, 40 student, computer-lab class into multiple sections of a flipped, 70 student, non-lab team-based classroom in order to meet the request of the Krannert School of Management that the(More)
Studies have shown that introducing additional information without context leads to worse decision-making. Informed leadership is the purposeful integration of information into decision management. This paper reframes information literacy as decision management using elements of evidence-based management. It highlights strategies such as decision awareness,(More)
This study examines the impact on student performance after interactive and non-interactive tutorials using a 2x2 treatment-control design. In an undergraduate management course, a control group watched a video tutorial while the treatment group received the same content using a dynamic tutorial. Both groups received the same quiz questions. Using effect(More)
The Parrish Library Case Competition is an annual library-administered, library-sponsored case competition where teams of undergraduate students compete against one another to make better evidence-based decisions for business problems. This article includes a description the case competition as a resource for other libraries interested in sponsoring similar(More)
In the 2013 school year, a team of librarians in the Parrish Library of Management and Economics at Purdue University taught a business information literacy course to approximately 500 management students in eight 70-person sessions. Due to limitations on a set of iPads borrowed from another department , one of two concurrent classes was taught with a set(More)
Special Libraries, Special Challenges is a column dedicated to exploring the unique public services challenges that arise in libraries that specialize in a particular subject, such as law, medicine, business, and so forth. In each column, the author will discuss public service dilemmas and solutions that arise specifically in given subject libraries while(More)
3 Purpose – This study aims to establish common metrics for web-based mapping applications to facilitate 4 user decision making and enhance information providers' product design. 5 Design/methodology/approach – The metrics were developed from a combination of literature review 6 and case studies. From the literature review, we identified three major areas(More)