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BACKGROUND The hands of health care workers are a major source of nosocomial infection. Studies conducted mainly in intensive-care units and emergency departments have shown low compliance with hand hygiene recommendation. OBJECTIVE To study hand hygiene practices in outpatient dermatology clinics in Israel. METHODS The fingers of 13 dermatologist(More)
OBJECTIVE We aim to compare patients' perspectives on communication with their hospital physicians (HPs) and primary care physicians (PCPs) on patients' dietary and herbal supplements (DHS) use. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional prospective study among in-patients using structured questionnaires on DHS use. Multivariate logistic regression models(More)
AIMS Dietary and herbal supplements (DHS) are commonly used among inpatients and may cause interactions with drugs or other DHS. This study explored whether adverse events were actually associated with such interactions and examined specific characteristics among inpatient DHS users prone to such adverse events. METHODS This was a cross-sectional study of(More)
Patients undergoing surgery often use Dietary and Herbal Supplements (DHS). We explored the risk of DHS–drug interactions in the perioperative setting. In this cross-sectional prospective study, participants hospitalized for surgery completed a questionnaire regarding DHS use. We used pharmacological databases to assess DHS–drug interactions. We then(More)
Inpatient consumption of dietary and herbal supplements (DHS) has recently received research attention, particularly due to potential DHS-drug interactions. Nevertheless, DHS-DHS interactions have seldom been evaluated among hospitalized patients. We evaluated potential DHS-DHS interactions among inpatients. The study was a cross-sectional prospective(More)
BACKGROUND Agitation and delirium frequently occur in cognitively impaired older people. We conducted a systematic review with narrative synthesis of the literature aiming to assess effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) modalities to address these conditions. METHODS Following preliminary search, we included 40 original researches(More)
Dietary and herbal supplements (DHS) are widely used in the general population, including during hospitalization. Yet, their potential interactions with prescription drugs have seldom been delineated among inpatients. We aimed to evaluate potentially dangerous interactions of DHS with prescribed medications among inpatients. This was a cross-sectional(More)
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