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This paper reports on the development of a 43 item rating scale that assesses therapist adherence and competence in individual drug counseling (IDC) for the treatment of cocaine dependence. Three independent judges rated 41 audiotaped IDC sessions from the pilot/training phase of the NIDA collaborative cocaine study. Judges also rated 11 tapes of Cognitive(More)
This article presents the development of a new 82-item rating scale of therapist adherence and competence for supportive-expressive (SE) dynamic psychotherapy for the treatment of cocaine dependence. Sixty-four items are rated for adherence, appropriateness, and quality of prescribed interventions. As part of the pilot/training phase of the National(More)
Abstract The impact of lesbian group membership upon physical appearance was examined among 81 young lesbians (ages 18-30) who participated in a questionnaire study. Most participants indicated making distinct but modest changes in their physical appearance after coming out as lesbians. These changes were in the direction of their pre-coming out conceptions(More)
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