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Self‐Efficacy and Social Support as Mediators in the Relation Between Disease Severity and Quality of Life in Patients with Epilepsy
Summary: Purpose: This study examined the influence of two psychosocial variables mediating between disease severity and quality of life (Qol) in epilepsy; social support and mastery (measured byExpand
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Much ado about something remote: Stress and performance in remote interpreting
The article describes the aims, methods, conclusions and recommendations of a large-scale experimental study designed to evaluate the feasibility and implications of the use of remote interpretingExpand
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Suicidality among military-connected adolescents in California schools
Previous research indicates that suicidal ideation is higher among military-connected youth than non military-connected youth. This study extends prior work by examining suicidal ideation, plans, andExpand
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Depression and Anxiety Following Myocardial Infarction and Their Inverse Associations with Future Health Behaviors and Quality of Life
BackgroundPost-myocardial infarction (MI) depression and anxiety were found to predict prognosis and quality of life.PurposeThe purpose of this study was to test a behavioral pathway from post-MIExpand
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The crossover of perceived health between spouses.
The current study examined the crossover of perceived health between spouses and the mediating roles of self-esteem and undermining in this process. Data were collected from a sample of 2,108 couplesExpand
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Crossover of marital dissatisfaction during military downsizing among Russian army officers and their spouses.
This study examined mechanisms of strain crossover within couples and the moderating role of gender. Data were collected at a time of military downsizing from a sample of 1,250 Russian army officersExpand
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Satisfaction with the relationship from the perspectives of family caregivers, older adults and their home care workers
Objectives: Given the increasing reliance on both formal (paid) and informal (unpaid) assistance for the care of older adults and the close relationships which are often formed with home careExpand
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Willingness of staff to report to their hospital duties following an unconventional missile attack: a state-wide survey.
Adequate staffing of hospitals during a prolonged, potentially unconventional war is a key component in the disaster plan of institutions. In an attempt to determine policy regarding hospitalExpand
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Substance Abuse and Other Adverse Outcomes for Military-Connected Youth in California: Results From a Large-Scale Normative Population Survey.
IMPORTANCE Military families and military-connected youth exhibit significant strengths; however, a sizeable proportion of these families appear to be struggling in the face of war-related stressors.Expand
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A cross-lagged model of the reciprocal associations of loneliness and memory functioning.
The study was designed to evaluate the reciprocal associations of loneliness and memory functioning using a cross-lagged model. The study was based on the psychosocial questionnaire of the Health andExpand
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