Ilan E Timor

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OBJECTIVE Comparison of contingent, step-wise and integrated screening policies. METHODS Mid-trimester Down syndrome risks were retrospectively calculated from FaSTER trial data. For contingent screening, initial risk was calculated from ultrasound measurement of nuchal translucency (NT), maternal serum pregnancy-associated plasma protein (PAPP)-A and(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate that individualized optimal fetal growth norms, accounting for physiologic and pathologic determinants of fetal growth, better identify normal and abnormal outcomes of pregnancy than existing methods. METHODS In a prospective cohort of 38,033 singleton pregnancies, we identified 9,818 women with a completely normal outcome of(More)
A case of familial congenital simple short femur is described in an 8-year-old brother and an 8-month-old sister, associated with other congenital defects in the lower extremities. In the case of the sister, early intrauterine detection and follow-up were possible. This early intrauterine detection by means of ultrasound may enable us to calculate the ratio(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate nuchal translucency measurement quality assurance techniques in a large-scale study. METHODS From 1999 to 2001, unselected patients with singleton gestations between 10 + 3 weeks and 13 + 6 weeks were recruited from 15 centers. Sonographic nuchal translucency measurement was performed by trained technicians. Four levels of quality(More)
The most significant anatomical structure of the umbilical cord is its level of coiling. The coiled geometry of the umbilical cord largely affects umbilical blood flow that is vital for fetus's well-being and normal development. In this study, we developed a computational model of steady blood flow through the coiled structure of an umbilical artery. The(More)
This study was performed in order to investigate the fetal electrocardiogram (FECG) during uterine contractions associated with normal labor. Twenty-five patients with low risk pregnancy between 38-41 weeks gestation were studied during the active stage of labor. Both FECG and intra-uterine pressure are obtained in a conventional manner and are continually(More)
Stuart Campbell was the first to use the metaphor of the parallel universes discussing the utilization of ultrasound in pregnancy.1 The controversy around the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) versus sonography to diagnose cerebral malformations is just another example in this regard. In one spatio-temporal continuum fetal neurosonography allows an(More)
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