Ilan Chabay

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Resonance enhancement of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering due to the proximity of the laser frequencies to an electronic transition has been demonstrated for dilute solutions of diphenyloctatetrane in benzene. The Raman contribution to the third order susceptibility is shown to be complex near an electronic resonance and the resulting features of the(More)
An instrument for the measurement of circular dichroism (CD) between 5000 cm(-1) and 750 cm(-1) is described. This instrument also can perform high precision linear dichroism measurements in the same wavelength range. A germanium photoelastic modulator having a large linear and angular aperture is used to vary the polarization of monochromatic ir light(More)
Improving the publics’ understanding of the energy system is a challenging task. Making citizens aware of how the complex energy system functions and how consumers of energy services can respond to a changing energy environment seems more difficult. In the context of the German energy transition, more active energy consumers are needed, not only in(More)
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