Il-soo Park

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We present a new platform for multiplexed protein kinase activity assay using TiO2 decorated graphene oxide (GO), which is applicable to high throughput inhibitor screening. On the basis of the strong affinity of TiO2 for the phosphate group and the fluorescence quenching capability of GO, phosphorylation of substrates by protein kinases was quantitatively(More)
Sequence-specific detection of double stranded DNA (dsDNA) is important in various research fields. In general, denaturation of dsDNA into single strands is necessary for the sequence-specific recognition of probes to target DNA, posing several drawbacks which decrease the efficiency as a DNA sensor. Herein, we report a direct, sequence-specific dsDNA(More)
Application of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) in bioanalysis has been limited due to its nonspecific adsorption onto hydrophobic surface in spite of favorable properties such as higher chemical/biological stability, specificity and binding affinity towards target nucleic acids compared to natural nucleic acid probes. Herein, we employed BSA in PNA application(More)
We report a simple, direct fluorometric assay based on graphene oxide (GO) for RNA polymerase-mediated RNA synthesis. In principle, fluorescent peptide nucleic acid (PNA) probes were designed, and annealed with RNA products and the resultant RNA-PNA hybrids induced the recovery of fluorescence intensity of the PNA probes adsorbed onto the GO surface.
Control of the size and shape of molecular assemblies on the nanometer scale in aqueous solutions is very important for the regulation of biological functions. Among the well-defined supramolecular structures of organic amphiphiles, one-dimensional nanofibers have attracted much attention because of their potential applications in biocompatible materials.(More)
β-Barrel proteins that take the shape of a ring are common in many types of water-soluble enzymes and water-insoluble transmembrane pore-forming proteins. Since β-barrel proteins perform diverse functions in the cell, it would be a great step towards developing artificial proteins if we can control the polarity of artificial β-barrel proteins at will. Here,(More)
Urban-scale air pollutants for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter > or = 10 microm, and ozone (O3) were simulated over the Seoul metropolitan area, Korea, during the period of July 2-11, 2002, and their predicting capabilities were discussed. The Air Pollution Model (TAPM) and the highly disaggregated(More)
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