Il-Kyu Hwang

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Controlling the electric appliances is the essential technique in the home automation, and wireless communication between the residence gateway and electric appliances is one of the most important parts in the home network system. In these days, most of the electric appliances are controlled by infrared remote controllers. However, it is very difficult to(More)
The Voronoi diagram of a set of geometric entities on a plane, such as points, line segments, or arcs, is a collection of Voronoi polygons associated with each entity, where the Voronoi polygon of an entity is a set of points which are closer to the associated entity than any other entity. A Voronoi diagram is one of the most fundamental geometrical(More)
We propose a novel wireless access monitoring and control system based on the digital door lock, which is explosively used as a digital consumer device. Digital door lock is an electronic locking system operated by the combination of digital key, security password or number codes. This paper presents a prototype of the proposed system and shows a scheme for(More)
This paper proposes a new error back propagation learning algorithm that properly enhances the sensitivity of input and output mapping by applying a high-pass filter characteristic to the conventional error back propagation learning algorithm, allowing small input feature variations to be successfully indicated. For the sensitive discrimination of novel(More)
The use of wrist guards has limited efficacy in preventing wrist injuries during falling in many sports activities. The objectives of this study were to measure the ground reaction force of the hand under simulated impact of the forearm and hand complex with different padding conditions of wrist guards and to analyze their impact force attenuation and(More)
Despite the use of wrist guards during skate- and snowboard activities, fractures still occur at the wrist or at further proximal locations of the forearm. The main objectives of this study were to conduct a human subject testing under simulated falling conditions for measurement of the impact force on the hand, to model wrist guards as a shock isolator, to(More)
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