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In this letter, a new model for application layer DDoS attack detection is proposed. With the proposed model, the profiles for a normal user's legitimate traffic pattern and a DDoS attack traffic pattern can be generated. We can detect the DDoS attack traffic with the generated profiles in a short period of time with little consumption of computing(More)
Recently, an image compression algorithm based on the warped discrete cosine transform has been proposed (Cho and Mitra, IEEE Trans Circuits Systems Video Technol 10 (8) (2000) 1364). The algorithm outperforms JPEG, especially for images with high frequency contents and compound images consisting of picture and text. In this paper, we improve the(More)
Recently, warped discrete cosine transform(WDCT) has been proposed [1, 2], which is the cascade of allpass filters and DCT. The role of the allpass filters is to warp the input frequency contents to be suitable for compression by DCT. The compression algorithm based on the WDCT outperforms the JPEG [5] that is based on the conventional DCT, especially for(More)
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