Il K. Kim

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A preference method probed infants' perception of object motion on an inclined plane. Infants viewed videotaped events in which a ball rolled downward (or upward) while speeding up (or slowing down). Then infants were tested with events in which the ball moved in the opposite direction with appropriate or inappropriate acceleration. Infants aged 7 months,(More)
— In this paper, microstrip coupled line band pass filters using Koch fractal curves are proposed for the first time. These filters are fabricated on Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) substrate for Ku Band. Conventional microstrip coupled line filters are very popular for RF front ends because these can be made easily. However, their large 2 nd harmonic causes(More)
In this paper, a fractal parallel coupled-line feeding structure is proposed to realize the 2 nd harmonic suppression property, while allowing for a broadband operation of microstrip patch antennas. Numerical results have demonstrated that this type of fractal feeding can provide the antenna with a two times broader bandwidth compared to that of the(More)
In this paper, one linear tapered slot antenna (LTSA), backed with an air cavity, is proposed and fabricated on low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) substrate. Conventionally, when LTSA is designed on LTCC board, due to its high dielectric constant and thickness, the gain and radiation property is degraded seriously. Therefore in this paper, by adopting(More)
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