Il Hyoek Park

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BACKGROUND The number of elderly patients who do not have acute-care needs has increased in many North American hospitals. These alternate level care (ALC) patients are often cognitively impaired or physically dependent. The physical and psychosocial demands on caregivers may be growing with the increased presence of ALC patients leading to greater risk for(More)
Injury rates in Intermediate Care (IC) facilities are high and the factors related to these injuries are unclear. The objectives of this exploratory sub-study, which is part of a large multi-faceted study in 8 IC facilities are to: (1) evaluate EMG measured over a full-shift in the back and shoulders of 32 care aides (CAs) as an indicator of peak and(More)
BACKGROUND Large variations in staff injury rates across intermediate care facilities suggest that injuries may be driven by facility-specific work environment factors. OBJECTIVES To identify work organization, psychosocial, and biomechanical factors associated with staff injuries in intermediate care facilities, to pinpoint management practices that may(More)
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