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Overviews of clinical trials are an efficient and important means of summarizing information about a particular scientific area. When the outcome is a continuous variable, both treatment effect and variance estimates are required to construct a confidence interval for the overall treatment effect. Often, only partial information about the variance is(More)
— The disturbance observer (DOB) has been widely utilized for high precision and high speed motion control applications. In this paper, we suggest the robustness measure of DOB, as a criterion to design the robust DOB systems. Also, we suggest its design guidelines especially for second-order systems. Experimental results for an optical disk drive system(More)
It is shown that there exists a nonlinear mapping which transforms image features and their changes to the desired camera motion without measuring of the relative distance between the camera and the object. This nonlinear mapping can eliminate several difficulties occurring in computing the inverse of the feature Jacobian as in the usual feature-based(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES An understanding of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) mortality is important for the development of strategies aimed at reducing the burden of CVD. Thus, we examined the changing pattern of CVD mortality in Korea over 30 years (1983-2012) by analyzing the Cause of Death Statistics. MATERIALS AND METHODS Deaths from diseases of the(More)
Flexure hinge has been commonly used as a substitute for mechanical joints in the design of micro-positioning mechanisms. However, inaccurate modeling of flexure hinges deteriorates the positioning accuracy. In this paper, a planar 3DOF parallel-type micro-positioning mechanism is designed with the intention of accurate flexure hinge modeling. For this, a(More)
In this paper, a force estimation method is proposed for force control without force sensor. For this, a disturbance observer is applied to each joint of an n degrees of freedom manipulator to obtain a simple equivalent robot dynamics(SERD) being represented as an n independent double integrator system. To estimate the output of disturbance observer due to(More)
— A Skilligent robot must be able to learn skills autonomously to accomplish a task. " Skilligence " is the capacity of the robot to control behaviors reasonably, based on the skills acquired during run-time. Behavior control based on Bayesian networks is used to control reasonable behaviors. To accomplish this, subgoals are first discovered by clustering(More)