Il Hak Bae

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In order to compare the properties of isolated cumulus and granulosa cells, granulosa cells and cumulus cells surrounding oocytes were harvested from small (1-2 mm), medium (3-5 mm) and large (6-12 mm) porcine antral follicles and the number of LH/hCG receptors was measured by the binding of [125I]hCG. The ability of the cells to secrete progesterone in(More)
In the effort to develop an efficient chemotherapy drug for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), we analyzed the anti-tumorigenic effects of a novel small molecule targeting the inhibitor of apoptosis (IAPs), HM90822B, on NSCLC cells. HM90822B efficiently decreased IAP expression, especially that of XIAP and survivin, in several NSCLC cells.(More)
Liquid crystal nanoparticles have been utilized as an efficient tool for drug delivery with enhanced bioavailability, drug stability, and targeted drug delivery. However, the high energy requirements and the high cost of the liquid crystal preparation have been obstacles to their widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry. In this study, we prepared(More)
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