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The future (third-generation) mobile communications system will provide not only voice and low-speed data services, but also video and high-speed data services. It will eventually have the capability for wireless multimedia communications. As a radio-access technique for such a system, the code-division multiple access (CDMA) has been considered in many(More)
This paper investigates three millimeter-wave beamforming (BF) scenarios for high-speed train (HST) communication that can potentially help to meet the explosively growing demand for Internet services in HSTs. Throughout the paper, we introduce the BF schemes based on the beam pattern that we designed and show the performance of three BF scenarios via the(More)
This paper implemented the uplink data channel of a 27 GHz millimeter-wave mobile wireless backhaul system. The hardware architecture of the receiver was designed and a RTL timing diagram was illustrated. The floating-point/fixed-point simulations were performed under the Rician channel. The uplink data channel can provide a giga-bit data rate service for(More)
The physical random access channel (PRACH) of a mobile hotspot network (MHN) is based on a single carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA). In this paper, we introduce a practical filter design of interpolation-based SC-FDMA transmitter for random access preamble generation. A multistage interpolation filter is used to increase the preamble(More)
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