Il Bae

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This paper proposes a planning method based on forward path generation and backward tracking algorithm for Automatic Parking Systems, especially suitable for backward parking situations. The algorithm is based on the steering property that backward moving trajectory coincides with the forward moving trajectory for the identical steering angle. The basic(More)
We propose a steering control method for an autonomous vehicle by controlling the steering rate instead of the steering angle and describe a method for extracting the steering rate from the reference path using the relationship with curvature and slip angle. The proposed steering control method can be used not only for planning steering control input from(More)
Liquid crystal nanoparticles have been utilized as an efficient tool for drug delivery with enhanced bioavailability, drug stability, and targeted drug delivery. However, the high energy requirements and the high cost of the liquid crystal preparation have been obstacles to their widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry. In this study, we prepared(More)
We present an integrated lateral and longitudinal control system to ensure the dynamic stability and tracking performance of an autonomous vehicle. The longitudinal velocity of a vehicle is determined by considering the road geometry information, including the road friction factor, road bank angle, and curvature of the road. The proposed method makes the(More)
The present paper demonstrates a feasible real-time path planning algorithm and tracking method for autonomous driving vehicles based on a 5<sup>th</sup>-order Be&#x0301;zier curve. It is demonstrated that a 5<sup>th</sup>-degree Be&#x0301;zier curve is required to generate a feasible path to achieve lane change maneuvers in a dynamic on-road environment.(More)
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