Ikuyo Kaneko

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We developed a set of Web applications called SQS (Shared Questionnaire System) based on XML technologies for supporting wide variety of social inquiry administrators such as community managers, governors and researchers. The core applications of SQS are distributed OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) systems developed upon XForms so that they have open(More)
1 21 We examined the relative amounts of Na –Ca exchanger (NCX) isoform mRNAs in cultured neurons, astrocytes and developmental rat brain. NCX1 transcript was predominant in neurons and astrocytes, but NCX2 transcript was about four-fold higher than NCX1 or NCX3 transcript in adult rat cortex. NCX2 transcript in the cortex increased markedly during(More)
We identified three physical positions associated with embryo yield in microspore culture of Brassica rapa by segregation distortion analysis. We also confirmed their genetic effects on the embryo yield. Isolated microspore culture is well utilized for the production of haploid or doubled-haploid plants in Brassica crops. Brassica rapa cv. ‘Ho Mei’ is one(More)