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A novel repeated sequence specific to male cattle was identified and named S4. S4 is a highly repetitive sequence and is a 1.5 kb repeating unit that contains various internal repeated sequences. FISH analysis showed that S4 is localized on the whole long arm and the proximal region of the short arm of the Y chromosome. We found that a PCR primer set for S4(More)
Spermatogenesis is regulated by many meiotic stage-specific genes, but how they coordinate the many individual processes is not fully understood. The Prss/Tessp gene cluster is located on mouse chromosome 9F2-F3, and the three genes at this site (Prss42/Tessp-2, Prss43/Tessp-3, and Prss44/Tessp-4) are specifically activated during meiosis in pachytene(More)
The mouse embryonal carcinoma cell line MC12 carries two X chromosomes, one of which replicates late in S phase and shares properties with the normal inactive X chromosome and, therefore, is considered to be inactivated. Since the hypoxanthine phosphoribosyl transferase (HPRT) gene on the active X chromosome is mutated (HPRT(NDASH;)), MC12 cells lack HPRT(More)
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