Ikuya Morikawa

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In this investigation, particular attention was paid to elucidate the laryngeal reflex mechanism of protective closure and the sensory function of the larynx during deglutition. For this purpose, three different experimental procedures were adopted: (1) subglottal pressure of felines was measured during deglutition using a pressure transducer; (2)(More)
We have developed a mechanism which prevents abuse of trusted Java applets, such as digitally signed applets. A signed applet is usually permitted by a user to perform certain functions. However, an attacker may improperly recompose the signed applet to include malicious components and harm the user by abusing such functions of a signed applet. In this(More)
The distribution of motoneurons in the brain stem innervating the laryngeal muscles cricothyroid, posterior cricoarytenoid, and thyroarytenoid-lateral cricoarytenoid in the adult guinea pig was investigated. Horseradish peroxidase was injected into individual muscles or applied to the cut end of the superior laryngeal nerve and the recurrent laryngeal(More)
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