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A tooth of Fukuiraptor aff. F. kitadaniensis from the Lower Cretaceous Sebayashi Formation, Sanchu Cretaceous, Japan
A theropod tooth from Early Cretaceous Sebayashi Formation of the Sanchu Cretaceous in Kanna Town, Japan exhibits low crenulations (or wrinkles) of the enamel along the mesial margin apically on oneExpand
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Supplementary description of the ammonoids from the Barremian to the Albian of the Choshi Peninsula, Japan
Abstract Seven Barremian ammonoid species and two Aptian species from the Choshi Group, Japan, are described here. Among the Barremian forms, new species of Holcodiscus and Pulchellia are proposed.Expand
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Early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystems in East Asia based on food-web and energy-flow models
In recent years, there has been global interest in the environments and ecosystems around the world. It is helpful to reconstruct past environments and ecosystems to help understand them in theExpand
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A New Species Of Taniwhasaurus (Mosasauridae, Tylosaurinae) From The Upper Santonian-Lower Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) Of Hokkaido, Japan
Abstract A new species of the basal tylosaurine mosasaur Taniwhasaurus, is described from materials collected from upper Santonian-lower Campanian marine clastics outcropping near Mikasa City, IslandExpand
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Barremian–Aptian (Early Cretaceous) ammonoids from the Choshi Group, Honshu (Japan)
So far, our knowledge of Barremian and Aptian ammonoid faunas from Japan has been insufficient to allow global correlation and palaeogeographic interpretation. We describe here 11 species ofExpand
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