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A rare case of neuro-Behçet disease with diffuse demyelination and gliosis of the frontal white matter is reported clinico-pathologically. The disease began with genital ulcer and recurrent oral aphthosis when the patient was 42 years of age. There was erythema, moderate fever, CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)-pleocytosis and elevated CSF-globulin. He was(More)
We report a case involving an 83-year-old man with interstitial lung disease who developed atypical pneumomediastinum caused by gas replacement of diminished fat. The patient presented with a complaint of worsening symptoms of respiratory difficulty since a diagnosis of chronic eosinophilic pneumonia 5 months back. He had been under observation with no(More)
Three autopsy cases of panencephalopathic type of familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) were investigated. Cases 1 (51-year-old male) and 3 (54-year-old female) were siblings and Case 2 (68-year-old female) was their aunt. In cases 1 and 3, the age of onset (Case 1:51, Case 3:53), duration of illness (Case 1:9 months, Case 3:8 months) and(More)
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