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This paper describes a novel processor architecture, the prioritized SMT architecture with the IPC control method, to guarantee the execution time of real-time threads. Based on priority set by a real-time scheduler, all hardware resources including cache systems, fetch, issue, and execution units, are controlled, so that our processor can execute multiple(More)
GPU and FPGA-based clouds have already demonstrated the promise of accelerating computing-intensive workloads with greatly improved power and performance. In this paper, we examine the design of ASIC Clouds, which are purpose-built datacenters comprised of large arrays of ASIC accelerators, whose purpose is to optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of(More)
......In the past 10 years, two parallel phase changes in the computational landscape have emerged. The first change is the bifurcation of computation into two sectors—cloud and mobile. The second change is the rise of dark silicon and dark-silicon-aware design techniques, such as specialization and nearthreshold computation. Recently, researchers and(More)
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