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Hummingbirds are promising reference for small flying robots in terms of their excellent ability to hover. Wing kinematics and shape of a hovering hummingbird were measured with four high-speed video cameras. Four types of wing models consisting of carbon fiber rods and polymer membranes with the same planform as the hummingbird wing were fabricated.(More)
A new type of pulsed ion beam accelerator named "bipolar pulse accelerator" (BPA) has been proposed in order to improve the purity of intense pulsed ion beams. To confirm the principle of the BPA, we developed a bipolar pulse generator for the bipolar pulse experiment, which consists of a Marx generator and a pulse forming line (PFL) with a rail gap switch(More)
BeO(Na) TLD on the market, UD-170 L, gives thermoluminescence response equivalent to irradiation with 3.2 +/- 0.5 cGy of 60Co gamma-rays after irradiation with 10(10) thermal neutrons per cm2. Because of this neutron sensitivity, UD-170 L is not suitable for measurement of gamma-rays in gamma-neutron mixed radiation from a nuclear reactor of Kinki(More)
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