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This study relates to quality management in higher education. Universities in Japan now confront increasing number of chances of assessment of teaching. With so-called omnibus method, in many cases, questionnaire survey is made at every class since teachers appear one after another. Quick summarization of results of the assessment and its feedback to(More)
This paper reports an algorithm for forming groups of students with regard to a computer system for collaborative learning designed to give a cue for debate utilizing mobile terminals. With this system, questionnaires which should be used as the seeds for debates are prepared in advance on the Web and all students attending the class answer to the(More)
Human resource development of academic staff, managerial staff in university is of vital importance in order to form the future university which satisfies the social needs of the time and has the internationally competitive power. As to the development of the constituent of a university, this research discusses a higher education on-line system which is(More)
  • Ikuo Kitagaki
  • 2009
This study is related to a computer system with audio media to enhance speaking ability of a foreign language. This paper explains the selection logic of a subject for prompt translation and the structure of the subject database. The proposed system was evaluated using the described experiment which demonstrated that users witnessed increased awareness of(More)
P j Sum a b a + b c d c + d a+c b+d n Sum Abstract The inexact phenomena such as the mental process and cognition would effectively be analyzed by using the fuzzy graph. In this paper, we would explain about the learning structure analysis system by applying fuzzy graph, present its practical case study and the effectiveness. 1. Analysis Method In order to(More)
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