Ikumi Horie

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We propose a method for the structural analysis of Web documentation. Employing the non-well-founded set theory, we have developed a means of reduction analysis to detect irregularities in the structures of target documents. To test this method's effectiveness, we applied it to Web-based educational materials in actual use and succeeded in identifying(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for the structural analysis of Web sites.The Web has become one of the most widely used media for electronic information because of its great flexibility. However, this flexibility has led to complicated structures. A structure that differs from the typical structures in a Web site might confuse readers, thus reducing the(More)
We propose the concept of a word set for use in a teaching material generation system. The system suggests the level of difficulty of a reading material for a student and generates a personalized glossary. We developed a prototype system based on this concept. The reading material is expressed by a word set and is operated by utilizing set operations in the(More)
We have been developing a personalized teaching material generator for beginner level learners of English. Our system keeps personalized vocabularies of learners and recommends suitable teaching materials to them by using their vocabularies. Once the learners choose materials, the system provides each learner with the personalized glossary of words which is(More)
This paper reports on a word list generator program, which provides teachers and students support to effectively use authentic texts in an EAP reading class at the university level in Japan. The web-based program was designed to identify the distribution of vocabulary items from General Service List, Academic Word List, and JACET 8000 (4000+250) in a(More)
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