Ikumi Horie

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We propose a method for the structural analysis of Web documentation. Employing the non-well-founded set theory, we have developed a means of reduction analysis to detect irregularities in the structures of target documents. To test this method's effectiveness, we applied it to Web-based educational materials in actual use and succeeded in identifying(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for the structural analysis of Web sites.The Web has become one of the most widely used media for electronic information because of its great flexibility. However, this flexibility has led to complicated structures. A structure that differs from the typical structures in a Web site might confuse readers, thus reducing the(More)
Recurring patterns of the same link structure can often be observed on Web sites. Patterns are important for site administrators in revising Web sites but are difficult to find empirically. We propose a method for detecting such patterns. The first step in the method is viewing a Web site as a directed graph, and identifying pages that have the same(More)
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