Ikuko Ushiyama

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CS-045 is a new oral antidiabetic agent that was effective in insulin-resistant diabetic animal models, including the KK mouse, the ob/ob mouse, and the Zucker fatty rat. CS-045 was not effective in the streptozocin-treated mouse, an insulin-deficient diabetic animal model. In fed KK mice, CS-045 lowered the plasma glucose levels in a dose-dependent manner(More)
Several lectins were used to study the localization of glycoconjugates in brain of elderly people and patients with Alzheimer type dementia (ATD) and Down's syndrome (DS). Five kinds of degenerated or deposited materials stained clearly by lectins specific to GalNAC, Gal, Fuc, and/or Man were recognized much in ATD and DS, less in elderly peoples, in(More)
We compared the dietary effects of dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA) contained in the DGLA oil produced by a fungus with gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) on the fatty acid composition. Wistar rats were fed with three kinds of oil for two weeks as follows: (i) control group: corn oil; (ii) GLA group: borage oil; (iii) DGLA group: DGLA oil/safflower oil = 55:45.(More)
A cytosolic alanyl aminopeptidase (AAP-S) was purified to homogeneity from human liver cytosol. The molecular weight of the purified enzyme was calculated to be approximately 98,000 on TOF-MS and 90,000 on SDS-PAGE in the presence of beta-ME. These findings suggest that the enzyme exists as a monomeric form in human liver cytosol. The enzyme rapidly(More)
Amorphorous and colorless spaces, Virchow-Robin spaces (VRS), were often found by HE stain around blood vessels in the edematous brain. Histochemical characteristic of the enlarged VRS caused by an advanced edema and detected by lectin stain using Griffonia simplicifolia I agglutinin in the brain stem, the occipital lobe and/or the cerebellum was examined(More)
Some researchers have emphasized that, from the perspective of suicide prevention, research into the methods of suicide seemed to be particularly promising, as it has been shown repeatedly that restricting access to the prevailing method of suicide in a country will decrease suicide rates and that the lethality of the method used significantly correlated(More)
We have investigated the deposition of glycoconjugates in human brain tissue with or without brain disorders. In this review we describe the application of lectin-histochemistry techniques to forensic neuropathology. Lectin staining is able to reveal several kinds of carbohydrate-related depositions in addition to the conventional degenerative changes(More)
An unusual lymph node exists in the centre of the human thymus. This lymph node, which we call an intrathymic lymph node (ITLN), possesses some interesting morphological characteristics. In ontogeny, this node seems to appear at the latter half of fetal period. The function of the ITLN is still unknown, but it is assumed that it may play a different role in(More)
Three strains of picoplankton designated as brown, green, and pink belonging to the Synechococcus genus in cyanobacteria (approximately 1 microm in size) are found ubiquitously in Lake Biwa, Japan. However, they could not be morphologically discriminated from other bacteria such as Proteobacteria and Bacillus by microscopy. In this study, we attempted to(More)
In this study, we demonstrated that the anti-LeYantibody (BM-1) especially reacted with high endothelial venules (HEVs) in peripheral lymph nodes of blood group O individuals. The LeYexpression on HEVs showed a unique tissue-specific pattern, i.e., a large amount of the LeYexpression in peripheral lymph nodes and no or small amounts in mesenteric lymph(More)