Ikuko Shimizu

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In the current study we investigated the antibacterial activity of fragrance ingredients against Legionella pneumophila, a causative agent of severe pneumonia. Among the 41 different fragrance ingredients tested, we found that the natural fragrance ingredients oakmoss (OM) and birch tar oil (BT), which contain many components, exhibit potent antibacterial(More)
To build a full 3D model of a physical object, multiple partially overlapping parts of an object model need to be merged. Since modern range finder devices provide color information in addition to the depth information, the color can be used to help the registration process as well as to qualitatively improve the reconstructed model by incorporating(More)
We present a new method for determining the pose of a human head from its 2D image. It does not use any artificial markers put on a face. The basic idea is to use a generic model of a human head, which accounts for variation in shape and facial expression. Particularly, a set of 3D curves are used to model the contours of eyes, lips, and eyebrows. A(More)
This paper presents a method for fitting a digital line (resp. plane) to a given set of points in a 2D (resp. 3D) image in the presence of outliers. One of the most widely used methods is Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC). However it is also known that RANSAC has a drawback: as maximum iteration number must be set, the solution may not be optimal. To(More)
This paper presents a method for fitting a digital plane to a given set of points in a 3D image in the presence of outliers. We present a new method that uses a digital plane model rather than the conventional continuous model. We show that such a digital model allows us to efficiently examine all possible consensus sets and to guarantee the solution(More)
This paper presents a method for segmenting a 3D point cloud into planar surfaces using recently obtained discretegeometry results. In discrete geometry, a discrete plane is defined as a set of grid points lying between two parallel planes with a small distance, called thickness. Contrarily to the continuous case, there exist a finite number of local(More)
This paper presents a total system to register multiple range images to obtain complete object shape in the case where their relative viewing positions are unknown. To determine the relative position of. each viewpoint with respect to a common world coordinate system, the correspondences of the object's planar faces are used. For non-polyhedral objects, we(More)
A coarse registration method using Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) is described that finds global optimal registration parameter values that are independent of the values of invariant features. We formulate the range image registration problem using MILP. Our algorithm using MILP formulation finds the best balanced optimal registration for robustly(More)