Ikramullah Khosa

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The constraint of energy consumption is a serious problem in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). In this regard, many solutions for this problem have been proposed in recent years. In one line of research, scholars suggest data driven approaches to help conserve energy by reducing the amount of required communication in the network. This paper is an attempt in(More)
In the food industry, the importance of automatic detection and selection of raw food ingredients is increasing. In this paper, a method for real time automatic detection, segmentation and classification of hazelnuts using x-ray images is presented. Automatic extraction of independent nut images is made using image processing techniques. To extract(More)
Automatic and quick evaluation of ingredients as well as end products is getting more attention in recent days in the food industry, so as to make the production process fast and efficient. In this paper, binary classification of pine nuts using x-ray images is presented. Independent nutmeat x-ray images are extracted and two kinds of features are extracted(More)
In the food industry, automatic inspection of key ingredients as well as end products is gaining attention. Automatic detection of unhealthy ingredients on early stage of food production is becoming a vital task. In this paper, feature extraction of raw food ingredient's x-ray images and their classification is presented. X-ray images of pine and pistachio(More)
Selection of healthy raw ingredient and similarly rejection of defective ones in an automatic and non-destructive way is becoming an essential job in food industry. In this paper, binary classification of raw food ingredients is presented using x-ray images of pistachio nuts. The objective is to develop an in-line defect detection system capable of(More)
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