Ikram Masmoudi

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Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. kurstaki BUPM255 secretes a chitobiosidase Chi255 having an expected molecular weight of 70.665 kDa. When the corresponding gene, chi255, was expressed in E. coli, the active form, extracted from the periplasmic fraction of E. coli/pBADchi255, was of about 54 kDa, which suggested that Chi255 was excessively degraded by the(More)
In her article "Modern Migration in Two Arabic Novels" Ikram Masmoudi proposes that twentieth-century Arab fiction is marked by the theme of the journey in literal and figurative ways. This motif features the theme of departure and arrival through characters crossings borders from East to West and from the periphery to the center (i.e., the metropolis) in(More)
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