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We have derived the general condition to achieve 100% drop efficiency in the resonant tunneling-based channel drop filters of a threeport system with reflection feedback. According to our theoretical modeling based on the coupled mode theory in time, the condition is that the Q-factor due to coupling to a bus port should be twice as large as the Q-factor(More)
this paper presents a wireless surface acoustic wave (SAW) pressure sensor on 41YX LiNbO3 for tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) application, in which a reflective delay line composed of an interdigital transducer (IDT) and several reflectors was used as the sensor element. Using the coupling of modes (COM), the SAW reflective delay line was simulated,(More)
A planar, lightweight, crossed dipole antenna with circularly polarized (CP) radiation is introduced for application in a radiofrequency identification handheld reader at ultrahigh frequency bands. The dipoles cross through a 90 phase-delay line of a vacant-quarter printed ring that enables broadband characteristic in terms of impedance matching and 3-dB(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a 1.8 GHz continuous electromagnetic fields (EMF) on human nasal mucociliary transport, and to determine the pathophysiology of ciliary beat frequency (CBF) during an EMF-induced change. METHODS Human nasal mucosa cells were exposed to a 1.8 GHz EMF (SAR=1.0 W/kg), and CBF was(More)
To improve the output power of a photomixer used as a THz source, we propose a four-leaf-clover-shaped antenna structure composed of a highly resonant radiation element and a stable DC feed element. The resonance characteristics of the proposed structure were first investigated on a half-infinite substrate as a simplified radiation environment to reduce the(More)
This paper describes a low-profile broadband 2×2 metasurface-based circularly polarized (CP) array antenna using a sequentially rotated series-parallel feed. The single element is a truncated corner square patch sandwiched between the ground plane and the metasurface of a lattice of 4×4 metal plates. These antennas are incorporated with the(More)
We propose a structure for ideal 3-dB splitters (1 x 2)-combiners (2 x 1) in photonic crystals. In photonic crystals, ideal 3-dB splitters based on a three-port system are achievable in principle, but it is impossible to achieve ideal 3-dB combiners based on the three-port system because there is no path for a loss, owing to strong confinement of photons.(More)