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Today, mobile devices have become a channel through which many organisations launch and market their services to the users. H owever, mobile devices that serve as channels for accessing government services have been the critical concerns by many government organisations. The quality of information provided through m-Government mobile technologies is seen as(More)
Mobile interface design has been widely used as a new channel for the ICT application. In a term of government, mobile government becomes a very important way to deliver their information and services. In addition, mobile environment has become a critical concern because of the quality of information, mobile interface design, and e-government. However, the(More)
Data migration is a critical process that directly influenced the quality of data management. Data migration had affected on the quality of the data, such as, accuracy, data elements, and data accessibility, and all data performances. However, many organizations faced all different challenges with data under the same process. In this case, UPM one of the(More)
Privacy has been a subject of discussion long before the advent of computer networks, however, the notion of privacy has taken a dramatic turn due to the proliferation of information technology tools and applications, which is further aggravated by the social networking sites which allow users to display their profile information to be viewed and shared by(More)
Today, smart phone evolution become an important and highest competition channel through which many organisations launch and market their services to the users. Applications have delivering services by different way of attractiveness. The quality of information provided through mobile technologies is seen as one of the most critical dimensions towards(More)
Wireless communication has become a very interesting sector for the provision of wireless access network, and available almost anytime and anywhere and the popularity is high. As wireless devices are used in offices, houses and universities, the need for strong and secure transport protocols seems to be one of the most important issues in wireless(More)
Managing and implementing project well is important issues for IS projects in the public sector as well as other sectors. The government tasks the public sector to use public resources to deliver large and complex projects for the benefit of its citizens. Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are playing an increasingly vital role in the daily(More)
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