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Detection of clustered microcalcifications (MCs) in mammograms represents a significant step towards successful detection of breast cancer since their existence is one of the early signs of cancer. In this paper, a new framework that integrates Bayesian classifier and a pattern synthesizing scheme for detecting microcalcification clusters is proposed. This(More)
We propose a computer aided detection (CAD) system for the detection and classification of suspicious regions in mammographic images. This system combines a dimensionality reduction module (using principal component analysis), a feature extraction module (using independent component analysis), and a feature subset selection module (using rough set model).(More)
Texture-based computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) of microcalcification clusters is more robust than the state-of-art shape-based CADx because the performance of shape-based approach heavily depends on the effectiveness of microcalcification (MC) segmentation. This paper presents a texture-based CADx that consists of two stages. The first one characterizes MC(More)