Iker Urrutia

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Low Voltage (LV) electricity distribution grid operations can be improved through a combination of new smart metering systems’ capabilities based on real time Power Line Communications (PLC) and LV grid topology mapping. This paper presents two novel contributions. The first one is a new methodology developed for smart metering PLC network monitoring and(More)
This paper studies the possibilities of existing PRIME subnetworks to support new smart grid services, such as telecontrol. Typical telecontrol applications are based on either master-slave or master-master telecom protocols. In both cases, at any given instant, the master of the SCADA system exchanges short messages with a slave (generally the RTU's -(More)
Powerline communications (PLC)-based smart meter deployments are now a reality in many regions of the world. Although PLC elements are generally incorporated in smart meters and data concentrators, the underlying PLC network allows the integration of other smart grid services directly over it. The remote control capabilities that automation programs need(More)
Power Line Communications (PLC) represent a compelling telecommunications technology for two-way management of electric power grids, and as such PLC systems have been used for decades by utilities. This paper presents a novel proposal for Smart Grid communications architecture which focuses on the extensive use of tested PLC technologies, stemming from(More)
This paper presents a PRIME subnetwork simulation model based on OMNeT++ that reproduces the behaviour of real networks. The developed simulation model uses the most common logical topology of a selected real network provided by a previous monitoring process. Thanks to the developed simulation model, different algorithms and utility applications can be(More)
One of the most common communications technologies being used as the media to access the meters in Smart Metering deployments is Narrowband Power Line Communications (NB-PLC), mainly in Europe but also in other places. Most of the systems available in the market under NB-PLC are extending the frequency bands used in order to increase their bandwidth and(More)
This work describes a representative set of measurements aiming at testing the transmission of IP data in presence of smart metering traffic over a NB-PLC network. The measurements were performed in a real microgrid including a smart metering system based on PRIME v1.3.6 with up to thirteen nodes. Three types of traffic and several configurations of TCP/IP(More)
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