Iker Mayordomo

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This paper presents a long-range RF identification (RFID) reader that has proven to work at up to 5 m with 2-W effective radiated power transmit power at 868 MHz. For the validation, a phase-shift keying backscatter modulator has been implemented, thus complementing the reader to form a complete passive RFID system focused on backscattering communication.(More)
Forward-scattering radars (FSRs) acquire great interest when low radar cross section (RCS) targets are willing to be detected. This type of radar provides a countermeasure to stealth technology because, here, the targets’ RCS depends only on the size and the shape of their silhouette. Passive radars use transmitters of opportunity as signal source, and they(More)
In this paper the influence of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite materials on passive high frequency (HF) radio frequency identification (RFID) systems is evaluated. Firstly, a simulation model of a fabricated antenna coil has been developed. Furthermore, a carbon-FRP (CFRP) composite material sample has been characterized by measurements and the(More)
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