Iker Del Rosal

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Flame silica was surface-labeled with (17)O, through isotopic enrichment of both siloxanes and silanols. After heat treatment at 200 and 700 °C under vacuum, the resulting partially dehydroxylated silica materials were investigated by high-field solid-state (1)H and (17)O NMR. More specifically, MQ MAS and HMQC sequences were used to probe the (17)O local(More)
The preferential substitution of oxo ligands over alkyl ones of rare-earth complexes is commonly considered as "impossible" due to the high oxophilicity of metal centers. Now, it has been shown that simply assembling mixed methyl/oxo rare-earth complexes to a rigid trinuclear cluster framework cannot only enhance the activity of the Ln-oxo bond, but also(More)
A fifteen year contribution of computational studies carried out in close synergy with experiments is summarized. This interplay has allowed some important breakthroughs in the field of organolanthanide chemistry. The variety of different reaction mechanisms in lanthanide chemistry appear to be broader than the simple bond metathesis.
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