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Much has been written on implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in organizations of various sizes. The literature is replete with many cases studies of both successful and unsuccessful ERP implementations. However, there have been very few empirical studies that attempt to delineate the critical issues that drive successful(More)
This paper illustrates an approach used to enhance student learning outcomes in a combined cross-listed Systems Analysis and Design (SA&D) course and examines benefits perceived by students through analysis of assessment and students feedback. The SA&D course is a required course in both the Management Information Systems (MIS) major and the Applied(More)
Technical or Pareto–Koopmans efficiency models can be based on ratios of weighted sums of outputs to weighted sums of inputs. Differing meanings have been considered for such factor weights. In this paper, we use value or cost rate meanings depending on model orientation. These meanings permit considering the simultaneous assignment of input and output(More)
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