Ikbal Taleb

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With the abundance of raw data generated from various sources, Big Data has become a preeminent approach in acquiring, processing, and analyzing large amounts of heterogeneous data to derive valuable evidences. The size, speed, and formats in which data is generated and processed affect the overall quality of information. Therefore, Quality of Big Data(More)
Due to the advances on mobile technology, it is becoming feasible to host Web Services on a mobile device, making it perceived as potential data collector and provider. Hosting Web Services on mobile devices gains in importance when it comes to deliver real-time contextual data, such as current location or real-time heart rate. In addition to the(More)
With the advances in sensing technology and the proliferation of mobile devices and applications, provisioning of context information has been a particularly common research topic. Many research works have proposed, designed, and implemented frameworks and middleware infrastructures for context management. High-level context information is typically(More)
Data is the most valuable asset companies are proud of. When its quality degrades, the consequences are unpredictable, can lead to complete wrong insights. In Big Data context, evaluating the data quality is challenging, must be done prior to any Big data analytics by providing some data quality confidence. Given the huge data size, its fast generation, it(More)
Mobile devices and applications have traditionally been seen as data consumers. However, as their computation capabilities are increasing, they are becoming perceived as potential data collectors and providers, and even as hosts for web services. In fact, mobile web services gain in importance when it comes to deliver real-time contextual data, such as(More)
Big Data distribution has benefited from the Cloud resources to accommodate application's QoS requirements. In this paper, we propose Big Data distribution scheme that matches the Cloud available resources to guarantee application's QoS given the continuously dynamic and varying resources of the Cloud infrastructure. We developed Two-Level QoS Policies(More)
The use of voice to control devices and applications provides a flexible, convenient and secure method for operating these systems. Users can control these systems using voice commands while they are in the proximity of the system to be controlled. Attempting to apply such control over the internet may be affected by several network impairments, e.g.(More)
While the potential benefits of Big Data adoption are significant, and some initial successes have already been realized, there remain many research and technical challenges that must be addressed to fully realize this potential. The Big Data processing, storage and analytics, of course, are major challenges that are most easily recognized. However, there(More)