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This report deals with an unusual mode of mitochondrial gene introgression between Cobitis hankugensis (C. sinensis) and C. longicorpus which is mediated by a unisexual hybridogenetic system of diploid-triploid C. hankugensis-longicorpus complex. Mitochondrial DNA sequences of 3329-3330bp encompassing from upstream ND6 to 12S rDNA indicated that(More)
Ephedra sinica is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb and has pharmacological functions including anti-inflammatory effects. However, the active ingredients from Ephedra roots have not been characterized. Here, two active constituents were isolated and their structures and mechanisms of action were defined. Active constituents from Ephedra roots were(More)
BACKGROUND Melanogenesis, a process producing the pigment melanin in human skin, eyes and hair, is a major physiological response against various environmental stresses, in particular exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and its pathway is regulated by a key enzyme, tyrosinase. In this study, we evaluated the effects of ephedrannins A and B, which are(More)
LIM protein cDNA, from Bombyx mori that contains an open reading frame of 622 bp encoding 94 amino acids, was identified and characterized. The B. mori LIM protein homologue is classified into group 2 LIM proteins that contain glycine-rich LIM domain. B. mori LIM protein mRNA is up-regulated at late embryogenesis and detected in the mid-gut of 5th instar(More)
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