Ik Kyo Chung

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Porphyra spp. (currently Porphyra and Pyropia) are major sources of seafood globally. In this study, we investigated the effects of ammonium concentration, water temperature, and thallus stocking density on N-ammonium uptake rate (NUR), tissue nutrients content, N–NH4 + filtration efficiency (NUE: nitrogen uptake efficiency %) of Pyropia yezoensis at a(More)
We constructed planktonic 18S rDNA clone libraries for micro-organisms in the euphotic zone of the Ulleung Basin in the East Sea of Korea. They revealed the cryptic biodiversity of eukaryotic planktons and demonstrated specific phylogenetic affiliations at certain water depths. Dinoflagellate clones dominated at the surface and 75-m depth. Members of the(More)
As an important adaptation for survival in the sediments of intertidal flats, benthic diatoms move up and down in response to a wide range of environmental stimuli. We investigated the vertical migration of two diatoms—Cylindrotheca closterium (Agradh) Kützing (B-25) and Nitzschia sp. (B-3)—under different combinations of light intensity and temperature(More)
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